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Our Services


Promotional Products are the #1 form of advertising across all generations!

Let us help you, your brand, or business to stand out from the competition in 2019 with promotional marketing material that will really excite and "WOW" your customers. We offer a variety of trendy, high-quality products and marketing materials to accommodate and meet your personal needs. 


*Ask us how we can help you to attack and attract in the 2019 market place with our new UV printed phone grips featuring your logo!



When it comes to designing and printing apparel, Modern Day Solutions has your back. We offer ridiculously fast turnaround times and can use your current artwork, or help you design a fresh new look in no time.


With no minimum quantity required, you can order 1 shirt or 100+ shirts, and we'll still give you our high-quality, speedy prints at a fair price.

Bring us a competitor's estimate statement and we'll do our best to either beat or price-match them. Let us help you print that small order of shirts for the baseball team or your new business venture, without breaking the bank.


Whether you need 5 hoodies for your bridal party on bachelorette weekend or 65 for the annual class field trip to the nation's capital- we're happy to help and excited to be apart of your adventure! Satisfaction guaranteed.




Do you need your website to be created or updated for the New Year? We can help with that too. Whether you're a family-owned small business venture just starting out, looking for something simple and basic, or an established legacy-corporation looking to the future to optimizing your customer's web/mobile viewing experience- We're here for you!

We can help you create new content for social media or help unburden your work load with creation of media, flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.

*We love to help others, if we don't offer what you're looking for in-house, we can recommend someone we trust that can!



Want to give your business or property that *extra edge* of excitement to standout in the overly-crowded Marketplace? Need some crisp, updated photos for that home or real estate listing? We Can Help! 

The sky's no longer the limit with our innovative Drone photo and video work. Allow us to film your asset from the top down, and gain a completely different perspective using our Drone's H.D. media content.​​

We are FAA Certified and urge you to NEVER work with someone who does not have insurance and this specialty licensing- You can both be fined and in worst case scenarios cause irreplaceable damages and injuries to buildings, assets, humans, animals, properties, etc.


Be safe, hire an expert like Modern Day Solutions.



Want your photos to look more appealing to customers or viewers? We can make your skies blue, grasses green, smiles whiter- just ask and we're happy to give you a free estimate on just about anything and everything editing wise, and we deliver completed projects within 48 hours of payment using our Professional software programs such as Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom.

We offer 'before & after' digitally edited renderings for custom projects (such as real estate flips, landscaping renovations, residential pool and backyard makeovers, interior design, etc) These renderings are perfect for showing to H.O.A boards and planning committees, family, friends, spouses, business partners, etc.

Our goal is to help the client to envision their version of the project digitally, before they ever spend a single dollar on something physical that they may come to regret. This helps them to save time and money in the process and prevents unnecessary stress that projects like these generally entail for most.

Our services are currently most popular among: Home DIY-ers, Landscapers, General Contractors and Home Flippers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Surveyors, Businesses Owners, Entrepreneurs, Banks with Foreclosures, Schools and Colleges.


*Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Just ask us! We're happy to help you by accommodating for special requests (they're actually more common than one would think) Or if we're somehow unable to assist you, we're more than happy to make a referral to someone who can!

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