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Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

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In 1767, engraver and mapmaker, John Spilsbury, invented the first jigsaw puzzle and the world was never the same. For over 250 years now, people have loved puzzles and they don't seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

Let us create a customized puzzle for you or your company! In the olden days, puzzle makers would paste maps onto wood and cut them out into small pieces by hand. Now days things are much easier as we have innovative technology that makes for a quality puzzle, with your photo or logo printed onto it, with no paste or rigorous hand cutting required. In fact, the only hand work you'll be needing is from friends, family, and clients having a blast helping you to put it back together time and time again!

Sizes Currently Available: 11.5 x 8" or 15 x 10.25"

Pricing Special: $20 for 1 puzzle, 2 for $30, 5+ puzzles = $10/each

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