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100 Custom Phone Grips

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Did you know the average adult uses their phone over 50 times a day? Now imagine if each time they did so, they had YOUR LOGO or brand name in their hands! Our custom printed phone grips are one of the hottest marketing trends so far for 2019.

Ideal for anyone who tends to frequently drop their phone or for those who suffer from medical conditions such as Arthritis, Carpal tunnel, or even 'Smartphone pinky'.

This simple but incredibly useful promotional tool is great for giveaways or resale between $5-15, and are reusable should you decide to upgrade your phone or phone case.

Each grip comes sealed in its own individual plastic bag, with a pre-punched hole so you can easily relabel and display it, should you feel inspired to do so!

We can print 1 or 1000+ depending on your needs. However, the more you purchase the better the pricing.

Questions? Feel free to email, call or text us!

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